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Fortnightly News 8/12/2017

Club Closing Times for the Festive Season

The Club will close at 4pm on Friday 22 December 2017 and re-open on Monday 15 January 2018. Activity groups can continue to use the Club through this period by arrangement with the front office.

On behalf of the Management Committee I would like to wish you a happy and safe festive season.

Technology courses in 2018

Since 2004 Woden Seniors has been running regular courses in using computers. For the last ten years we have had a wonderful group of dedicated teachers who have given their time and expertise to run 130 six-week or four-week courses, teaching more than five hundred seniors computer skills. It seems that we have just about taught everyone who wants to learn this. In 2018 we will not run regular courses on using computers but will continue to offer courses on using iPads, as it seems iPads are the devices that are handed down or given to the older generation these days!

We will offer a four-week Beginner’s Course on using the Apple iPad several times in 2018. Details are on the ‘Computer Activities’ noticeboard.

We will also offer short courses every now and then on specific topics for those who have a basic understanding of the iPad but want to improve particular skills e.g. email, photos, using the calendar. These short courses will be advertised in the Fortnightly News.

Bridge Classes 2018

These classes recommence on Monday 5th February.

Beginners – 1:30 – 3:30

Improvers – 2:00 – 4:00


A Scrabble group meets on Tuesday afternoons from 2.00 – 4.00 pm in the Anne Murray Room. Drop in if you feel like a game.

ACT Waste Management website

This is a very useful website for information on household and recycling collections. It has an amazing A-Z of recycling for how to dispose of anything safely.

Justice of the Peace

Maureen is not available to come in to the Club until further notice.


Fortnightly News 24/11/2017

Woden SENIORS CHRISTMAS party is here!

WHEN: drop inany time between11.30am and 2.30pm on Friday 8th December

WHERE:Hall 1 and the Verandah area in the Woden Seniors Club

WHAT:A relaxing time. A chance to meet friends and have a quiet chat while nibbling some food, or celebrate the end of the year with the rest of your Activity group, or meet new friends or even play a game of cards or Scrabble. This is meant to be your time. We haven’t organised anything like carol-singing. Some craft groups have decided to have items like cards and bookmarks to sell.

FOOD: This relaxing event will be catered for with a variety of finger foods and drinks. The cost is $5 and is to be paid at the door on the day. Would you please let Polly know if you are coming so we have an indication of the minimum number we need to cater for.

Club Closing Times for the Festive Season

The Club will close at 4pm on Friday 22 December 2017 and re-open on Monday 15 January 2018. Activity groups can continue to use the Club through this period by arrangement with the front office.

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Fortnightly News 27/10/2017

The Woden Seniors’ Club 45th Anniversary Showcase

On Sunday, the 22nd of October, from 1.30 till 3.30pm, the Woden Seniors’ Club presented a Showcase of the amazing skills, talents and creativity of its Members.

The Programme encompassed a superb range of skills in the Instrumental Section

  • The Woden Seniors Recorder Group (with Margaret Wright’s tutelage for the Descant, Alto, Tenor and Bass recorders, conducted by Gail Giuliano);
  • David Slater (performing on the Clarinet and Saxophone)
  • Betty Knight (performing solo on the Piano);

An impressive range of talent in the Choral Section –

  • The Woden Senior Singers (Gail Giuliano as conductor, piano accompaniment by Enid Ottaway and John Fraser);
  • Carla Di Franco and Ian Vickers (performed a Duet, accompanied by John Fraser on the piano);
  • David Griffith (Solo singing, with John Fraser’s piano accompaniment)
  • Gail Giuliano ( the ‘Fairy’ Soloist, accompanied by Enid Ottaway);
  • Sep Westerhuis (Solo singing of a satirical song)

An amazing range of expression in the Dance Section

  • Carla Di Franco and Ian Vickers (Ballroom Dancing)
  • Magdalena Mayer and Paul McGlew (Argentine Tango Dancing).

A wonderful display of creations in the Crafts Section

  • The Art Group (Ann Baker as supervisor);
  • The Beading Group (Jennifer Pratten as leader);
  • The Craft Group (Sue Barrett as leader);
  • The Stitchers (Doreen McGregor and Kay Reid as supervisors)
  • The Photographic Memorabilia Display (Cindy McMillan as Supervisor)

The Woden Seniors’ Club was privileged and delighted to showcase these clever folk and would like to express heartfelt appreciation to all Performers and Display Groups for providing such an entertaining and varied afternoon!

The Club President, Paul McGlew, did the honour of cutting the Anniversary Cake (which was followed by ‘Happy Birthday’ singing and three cheers); Paul also thanked the Team of Helpers (guided by Sue Allen), the Special Events Committee (led by Cindy McMillan) and the many Members of the Club and Guests who set up the Hall and so generously donated the plates of goodies to nourish everyone at Afternoon Tea. Thank you to everyone for sharing our Special Anniversary!

Where to view the concert photos

Please click here to view the photos on the Woden Seniors website.

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Fortnightly News 13/10/2017

Woden Senior Concert and the Club 45th Anniversary Day!

Sunday 22 October at 1.30 pm

Hip, Hip, Hooray!

We’re on the Way

To Showcase our Club’s 45th Anniversary Day!

To all the Members of the Woden Seniors’ Club, we extend our Special Invitation for your attendance on the Sunday 22nd October, 2017, at 1.30pm for the 45th Anniversary of our Club.

The Woden Seniors’ Club will open its doors at 1.00pm for Members and Visitors to sign the 45th Anniversary Book, to collect the Concert Programme, to place any donations of ‘Afternoon Tea Goodies’ in the dining area of Hall 1 and to kindly donate a gold coin for the afternoon’s entertainment.

The Anniversary Celebrations will officially begin at 1.30pm, with our President, Mr Paul McGlew, who will welcome all the Guests and will also inform folk of the afternoon’s special focus – to Showcase the Talents and Skills of our Club’s Seniors.

This will be in two areas:

Hall 1: To provide the Entertainment by our Talented Performers –

Recorder Group (with Margaret Wright),

Woden Senior Singers (with Gail Giuliano),

Solo Singer (Gail Giuliano),

Tuesday Bridge Group Singers,

Cha Cha Dancing (Ian Vickers and Carla Di Franco)

Argentine Tango (Paul McGlew and Magdalena Mayer)

Hall 2 and the Anne Murray Room: To display the Artistic Skills of the Water Colour Group (with Anne Baker),

The Beading Group (with Jennifer Pratten),

The Stitchers Group (with Doreen McGregor),

At the Concert’s conclusion, the Anniversary Cake will be officially cut by our President, to be accompanied by “Happy Birthday” singing and three cheers and Afternnon Tea will then be served.

Looking forward to celebrating the special occasion with our Members and Guests!

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Fortnightly News 29/9/2017

Annual General Meeting

A well-attended Annual General Meeting was held on Monday 18 September. The following members were elected to the Management Committee.

President Paul McGlew
Vice President Sue Allen
Treasurer Jennifer Pratten
Secretary Gail Giuliano OAM
Committee Member Sue Schreiner
Committee Member Cindy McMillan
Committee Member Judy Henderson
Committee Member Lutana McLeod
Committee Member Don Puttick

Supervised Bridge – Mondays 1:30-3:30pm

These sessions will commence on 9th October. There will be a short lesson on a specific topic followed by a relaxed duplicate session where assistance may be sought.

Book Fair 2018

The Committee has decided to hold another Book Fair. The 2018 Book Fair will be from 10 to 12 August.

Preparations are already underway. You may have noticed that all the boxes of fiction that were stacked up in the Dining Area have been put away for the 2018 Book Fair. Before they were put away they were re-sorted and re-packed by Judy B, Agatha and Jocelyn – a big task done by these amazing and hard working women.

We will need more volunteers to help prepare the books as the donations come in. So watch this space if you are interested.

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Fortnightly News 15/9/2017

Annual General Meeting

The Woden Seniors Club 2017 Annual General Meeting will be held in Hall 1, at 12 noon on Monday 18 September 2017. A light lunch of sandwiches, cakes and tea/coffee will be provided after the meeting. Please come along to the meeting.

At the AGM we are proposing a suite of by-laws for consideration by members. Our aim is to provide greater clarity in a number of areas of activity within the Club. There is a copy of the proposed by-laws posted on the notice board in the entrance to the Club and also at the end of this newsletter.

New iPad course – Photos

This course will run over two sessions from 10 am to 12 noon on Wednesday 1 November and Wednesday 8 November.

It is suitable for those who can use an iPad but know very little about the camera in an iPad. The main areas to cover will be:

  • Camera settings and buttons.
  • Practice at taking photos.
  • The Photo App and how the photos are organised.
  • Creating Albums & selecting photos
  • Sharing photos including emailing
  • Editing photos
  • Making & viewing videos
  • Photo Booth & Facetime

If you would like to enrol send an email message to the office (admin@wodenseniors.org.au). There will be six places.

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Fortnightly News 1/9/2017

Annual General Meeting

The Woden Seniors Club 2017 Annual General Meeting will be held in Hall 1, at 12 noon on Monday 18 September 2017. A light lunch of sandwiches, cakes and tea/coffee will be provided after the meeting. Please come along to the meeting.

Upcoming Club Events

The following is a list of social events planned for the Club:

22 October 2017 – Celebration of the Club’s 45th Anniversary with our Seniors Concert which was so popular last year

7 November 2017 – Melbourne Cup PARTY!!

10 November 2017 – Ms Estelle Muspratt will talk on War Graves, etc, at 10.00-12.00 in the Anne Murray Room. This will be followed by a break for coffee/tea and cake, then there will be time for questions.

December – Christmas Celebration.

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Fortnightly News 18/8/2017

2017 Big Book Fair

The BIG Book Fair held last weekend was a resounding success raising $22,000 for the Club. As a self-funded organisation, fund raising is important and these funds will benefit all members as it enables us to continue to maintain and improve the Club facilities.

We had a huge amount of books to sell and as expected there are plenty left over. Most of the leftovers will go to Lifeline, who are very happy to collect them. Some have gone to the Canberra Hospital patient library and some to the Uniting Church Yarralumla for a Spinal ACT book-stall this weekend.

Left over magazines are available for Members to take for free. You may like to give them to friends, family, or organisations e.g. medical centres – whoever may appreciate them. They are on the shelves in the veranda – so have a look and take any you like.

The success of such an event depends on the support of a large number of members. The whole Club, as a self-funded organisation, benefits from the Book Fair.

Special thanks go to:

  • Judy Bartlett for a mammoth effort in undertaking the overall organisation of the books on sale.
  • The fantastic team members that spent many hours every week over the last year cleaning, sorting and packing books. These teams lead by Judy Bartlett operated on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings and were responsible for the high quality of the books offered.
  • The Special Events Committee members who organised the cafe lead by Cindy McMillan, Lutana McLeod and Sue Allen.
  • The welcome team lead by Jennifer Pratten who collected entry donations and handed out information.
  • Don Puttick and his helpers on the Checkout.
  • Chris Mackay who managed Hall 1 and all her helpers.
  • Linda Elford who managed Hall 2 and all her helpers.
  • Des Davies and the table tennis group for moving hundreds of boxes.
  • The members who helped set up, fill tables during the event and pack up.
  • Ann Baker and the WOWs (Watercolours on Wednesdays group) for the beautiful cards, bookmarks and display of paintings.
  • The family of members who ‘voluntold’ or were cajoled into helping.
  • Polly for all her assistance.
  • Judy Henderson for the publicity.
  • Activity groups for putting up with the disruption just before and after the event.
  • The generous community that donated books, and
  • Last but not least all who came and bought the books and paintings.

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Fortnightly News 4/8/2017

2017 Big Book Fair, 11 – 13 August 2017

Help publicise the Book Fair

Woden Seniors BIG Book Fair

10 am to 4 pm

11 to 13 August 2017

One week to go to the BIG Book Fair

Please continue to tell as many people as possible about the Book Fair. We have many more books than previous years so it is going to be a bumper event. Now we need plenty of customers!

Book Fair Food

Volunteers are needed to donate food (cakes, sandwiches & pies etc) for the Book Fair.

Volunteers are also needed to sell food in kitchen verandah area. There will be three shifts during the Book Fair on Friday, Saturday and Sunday,

10.00 am to 12.00 pm

12.00 pm to 2.00 pm

2.0 pm to 4.00 pm.

Would volunteers please give their names to Polly

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Fortnightly News 21/7/2017

Bridge Lessons

A new series of Bridge lessons began on Monday 17 July; beginners at 1:30pm; Improvers at 2pm. It’s not too late to join up.

Soup Kitchen

Sue Allen has the soup kitchen is up and running on Wednesdays. Enjoy a choice of two soups and bread for $5 in the Club or pick-up and take home for later. If you would like to help out with cooking or serving please let Sue know.

Dr Thornber’s Talk on “Animal Welfare”

On Friday, 14th July, an appreciative audience listened to an interesting and informative talk given by Dr Peter Thornber, Professor of Animal Welfare and Ethics at the University of Queensland and President of the Commonwealth Veterinary Association. He spoke about the change in community attitudes from one protecting animals to thinking of their welfare, and their quality of life. He spoke in detail of Australia’s Animal Welfare Strategy Plan and its implementation. This is a huge plan because it has to cover the health and wellbeing of all creatures – land, water and air. Other countries have used this as a model for theirs.

Dr Thornber related many of his fascinating experiences overseas, illustrating them with photos. Questions were welcomed in the relaxed atmosphere, and led to a free exchange of experiences and opinions. It was easy to see his passionate involvement in his work. He now works for the Donkey Sanctuary in Devon, England, but also spends much of his time helping various countries mainly in Africa.

We thoroughly enjoyed his talk and his willingness to answer questions. Also he has kindly allowed us to put his PowerPoint presentation on the website for anyone to access. Do try it. Click here for a direct link to the presentation.

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