Woden Seniors Inc

50 years of providing Community Service to the over-50s of Canberra


Fortnightly News 6/3/2015

New Car Parking Arrangements

The Management Committee has revised the current car parking policy and adopted new procedures in relation to car parking arrangements at the Club.  The revised policy and procedures are detailed in full at the end of this newsletter and also displayed on the Club notice boards.

The Woden Seniors House Committee

The House Committee is a small group of volunteer members that take an active interest in ensuring that the Club premises are well maintained, tidy and attractive.  Activities range from adding decorative touches through to replenishing the milk, tea and coffee supplies in the Clubrooms.

As you know the Club relies on volunteers to function as we do and a small contribution of your time can be very rewarding.  If you are interested in joining this group please let Polly know. 

Seniors Week 2015

Woden Seniors will be holding an Open House from 10am to 2pm Monday 16 to Friday 20 March during Seniors Week this year to give non-members an opportunity to visit the club premises.  All regular Club activities will be on as usual. 

There will be table set up at the front door to welcome visitors, if you would like to help with this please let Polly know. 

COTA ACT has compiled a program of over 200 events for Seniors Week 2015.  These activities give you an opportunity to participate in many varied and unique opportunities in and around Canberra.  More information on the Program is available here: COTA Seniors Week Program

Free Bus Service to Seniors Week Expo 9.00am – 3.00pm, Tuesday 17 March 2015

The Territory and Municipal Services Directorate is proud to be supporting Seniors Week Expo through the provision of flexible bus transport services.

The Flexible Bus Service will be providing free shuttle services between the Woden Bus Station and the Seniors Week Expo at Thoroughbred Park. Shuttle services will commence at 9.00am from the Woden Bus Station and will run at half-hourly intervals until 3.00pm between the Woden Bus Station and the Expo site.

The Council of the Ageing (COTA) has been kind enough to provide the Flexible Bus Service with a stall which will be located near the main entry to Thoroughbred Park. For more information about the Flexible Bus Service, call 6205 3555 or call in and meet the Flexible Bus Office staff at Thoroughbred Park.

Senior’s Week Twilight Market 2.00pm – 7.00pm, Friday 20 March 2015

Kicking off National Seniors Week celebrations with a focus on local seniors in the Southside community, the Seniors Twilight Market offers the opportunity for Seniors to showcase and sell their art and craft work.
One day only, at the Gallery on Southside, 63 Boolimba Crescent, Narrabundah.

Open Day at Bellerive Thursday 19 March, 10am to 2pm

Bellerive is holding an open day on Thursday 19 March between 10am and 2pm, there is an opportunity to meet and have a cuppa with residents and attend an information presentation at 11am or 1pm. 

There are flyers in the Club foyer with more detailed information.  Hindmarsh Retirements, operators of Bellerive are generous supporters of the Woden Seniors Club.

PeaceWorks a Community Based Activity to Commemorate WWI

We have 4 people interested in participating in this; we need another 4 to go ahead. 

The Club has been invited to participate in PeaceWorks, a community-writing project funded by the Anzac Centenary Project in 2015-16.  It is an opportunity to participate in 2 structured workshops around the theme of ‘Yearning For Peace’ in World War I.  It is hoped that the Project will enable seniors to draw upon artifacts, histories and memories they hold related to the war and develop written works.

The objective of the project is to foster community based activities to solemnly commemorate WWI as a period in Australian history when great sacrifices were made to bring peace to the world.

An introductory workshop will introduce seniors to the scope of the project and provide materials to evoke written responses.  A second workshop will be conducted to assist in developing initial responses to completion.  Members of PeaceWorks who are experienced editors, teachers and writers will conduct these workshops.

Participants will be invited to submit their works for a published book.  An independent panel will judge submissions and an editorial group will then liaise with a publisher.  This book will have ISBN registration and will be advertised to libraries, schools, service clubs etc throughout Australia.

It is hoped to commence workshops in the second half of 2015 and have outcomes developed by Remembrance Day in November.  We need a minimum of 8 participants; if you are interested in being involved in this project please let Polly know.

Justice of the Peace

You will find Maureen in the Anne Murray room on Tuesdays between 10.30am and 2pm for Justice of the Peace matters. 

The Big Book Fair in 2015

Margaret Bourke still needs books and helpers. She is usually in the veranda on Monday and Friday mornings cleaning, sorting and pricing books so if you want to drop in for a chat and to lend a hand that would be greatly appreciated.

ANU Film Group

There will be a special screening of The Competition on Wednesday 11 March at the ANU film group.  This delightful film was shot locally with many local actors.  The writer/ director, Simon Weaving, will introduce the film at 7.30 at the Coombs theatre.  Afterwards Simon and others connected with the film will participate in a Q & A session. Membership of the group is available from $15 for a weekly pass to $70 annually.

For more information go to the website www.anufg.org.au to see a full copy of the program, learn more about the history of the group, or to get some tips about the location and free parking around the venue.  Coombs Theatre can be somewhat difficult to find the first time, but is much easier the second time around!  Ring Brett Yeats on 6281 7684 or email him at yeatsb@iinet.net.au if you have any questions. 

Car Parking Arrangements at the Woden Seniors Club (with effect from 3 March 2015)

To clearly articulate the car parking policy at the Woden Seniors Club; and
To provide procedures for managing vehicles that contravene the Club’s car parking policy.

Unauthorized vehicles utilizing the car park has been an ongoing issue and at particular times has prevented Club members from utilizing the car park to attend activities.

On 1 December 2014, the Management Committee agreed to introduce Wheel Clamping as a deterrent to unauthorized vehicles using the car park.

Car Parking Policy
Access to the Woden Seniors car park is provided to members and guests of the Woden Seniors Club whilst they are utilizing the Club’s facilities and other authorized vehicles. 

Members pay an annual fee of $20 to use the car park whilst utilizing the Club’s facilities, that is, engaging in an activity in the Club.  This may include briefly using the car park before and after the activity to shop, have a coffee or a meal with other participants, whilst mindful of and not hindering other members’ ability to access Club activities.  This recognizes that part of the Club’s function is to provide an avenue for members to socialize. 

This does not include Members using the car park whilst working nearby or engaging in other activities outside the Club.

Owners of ‘other authorized vehicles’ pay an annual fee, currently set at 75% of the rate charged in adjacent car parks, to use the car park for all day parking.

Procedures for Wheel Clamping
Appropriate signage clearly warning that the Club’s car park is a Wheel Clamping Zone and articulating the ‘conditions of entry’ have been erected at the entrance to the Club’s car park.

A notice is to be placed in the front entrance to the Club advising drivers of vehicles that have been wheel clamped to contact Capital Security to have the clamp removed and that there will be a $50 fee payable in cash to Capital Security to attend the car park.

It is anticipated that wheel clamping a vehicle will rarely be necessary, however:

A) If during a regular sweep of the car park a vehicle without a current parking permit is identified, the following procedures apply:

1. A check of the member data base is to be undertaken to ascertain whether the vehicle belongs to a member, if so the member is to be advised to display their parking voucher to avoid having their vehicle wheel clamped.  If the member is not in the club a note of the registration is to be taken and the issue raised with the member when next in the club;
2. If the vehicle does not belong to a member and is not an authorized vehicle, that is, it is an unauthorized vehicle, the registration number is to be noted and a ‘First and final warning’ notice is to be placed on the windscreen. 
3. If the un-authorized vehicle is parked in the car park again a wheel clamp can be fitted to the car and the appropriate notice placed under the wipers on the windscreen. 
4. If a Wheel Clamp has been fitted to a car it is essential that a second person remain on duty until Club closing time to ensure that Polly is not left alone to potentially deal with an irate driver.

B) If, in the normal course of events, a Management Committee member, a member or administrative staff become aware of a member regularly utilizing the car park whilst working nearby or to engage is other non-club activities the following procedures apply:

1. A check of that days activity log to be undertaken to ascertain if the member has used the Club facilities.
2. The registration number is to be noted and a ‘First and Final Warning’ notice is to be placed on the windscreen. 
3. If the un-authorized vehicle is parked in the car park again a wheel clamp can be fitted to the car and the appropriate notice placed under the wipers on the windscreen. 
4. If a Wheel Clamp has been fitted to a car it is essential that a second person remain on duty until Club closing time to ensure that Polly is not left alone to potentially deal with an irate driver.