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50 years of providing Community Service to the over-50s of Canberra


Fortnightly News 29/1/2016

Most regular Club activities have already recommenced in 2016, however there are a few more starting next week. It is timely to remind members to please be considerate over the next couple of weeks, we tend to have an influx of cars at the beginning of the year, especially on Wednesdays. We will actively monitor the car park over the coming weeks to deter non-members who may have taken advantage of free parking over the Christmas/New Year period from continuing to park at the Club.

BEADING 11/01/2016
CALLIGRAPHY 22/03/2016
CRAFT 15/01/2016
LINE DANCING 11/01/2016
MAHJONG 13/01/2016
PLAY READING 4/02/2016
BRIDGE – Saturday 9/01/2016
SOLO 11/01/2016
TABLE TENNIS 13/01/2016
TAI CHI & GENTLE EXERCISE – Thursday 14/01/2015
TAI CHI & GENTLE EXERCISE Wednesday 20/01/2016
BRIDGE –Tuesday and Thursday 5th and 7th /01/2016
YMCA Gentle Exercise – Tuesday 12/01/2016
YMCA Ever Active – Wednesday 13/01/2016

VALE – Pat Johnstone

Pat Johnstone, a regular YMCA Gentle Exercise Class participant, passed away last Saturday 23 January. Pat will be greatly missed.

Pat’s funeral will be held at 9am, Saturday 30 January at St Peters Anglican Church, corner of Parkinson St and Watling Place, Weston.

Help with Android mobile phones. Friday 5 Feb 2 – 4 PM.

Grahame will be available in the Anne Murray room on Friday 5 Feb between 2 to 4pm to help anyone having trouble with or would like some tips on using their phone. (Most smart phones are android if they are not iphone’s.)

Computer & IPad Classes

Computer and iPad classes will resume in February. We offer courses in using a Windows PC computer (NOT Apple Mac computers) and iPads (NOT any other tablet).

We will be offering the following

1 Computing for Beginners
This course comprises six two-hour weekly sessions. It is aimed at real beginners and covers the basics of using a computer for email, Internet and word processing. It is expected that it will be offered on Monday mornings or Friday afternoons starting mid-February.

2 Brush Up on email, Internet and word processing.
This course is for people who have done Computing for Beginners or people who know how to use a computer. It is NOT for beginners. It is offered over four two-hour weekly sessions. It is run on Wednesday mornings with the first one for the year commencing on Wednesday 17 February.

3 iPad for Beginners
This course comprises five or six two-hour weekly sessions. Participants must have their own Apple iPad. We do not cater for any other tablet at this stage. It is run on Tuesday afternoons and sometimes Thursday mornings. The first course will commence on Tuesday 2 February.

4 Short courses on special topics from time to time e.g. Family History or short courses on specific iPad apps. These will be advertised in the Fortnightly News.

If you are interested in any of these courses please register your details on the relevant form on the notice board at the back of Hall 1. It may take a little while for a place to become available but we will try to meet your needs as soon as possible. All the teachers are volunteers and the classes depend on their availability.

For further information contact the office.

The 3rd Big Book Fair – August 2016

Yes it is on again! Now accepting books (and games, DVDs, CDs, Vinyl records) – the perfect place to drop off those easy summer reads.

Refurbishing the Club Premises

We have a program of repainting throughout the Club in 2016 as funds permit. Hall 2 has recently been repainted. We are looking for someone that can sew some new covers for the long seats under the windows on the western side of the hall, we will provide the fabric.

Justice of the Peace

You will find Maureen in Club on Tuesdays between 10.30am and 2pm for Justice of the Peace matters.