Woden Seniors Inc

50 years of providing Community Service to the over-50s of Canberra


Fortnightly News 16/8/2019

Book Fair

The sixth BIG Book Fair held last weekend was a resounding success that raised $24,300 for the Club. This was our best net result so far.

We had a huge amount of books to sell and as expected there was plenty left over. A large donation of fiction has been given to a group in Braidwood and smaller lots given to the Canberra Hospital and various other small groups. Most of the leftover non-fiction will go to Lifeline.

The success of such an event depends on the support of a large number of members. The whole Club, as a self-funded organisation, benefits from the Book Fair. Its proceeds keep the activity fee low and contributes to maintaining the building.

Special thanks go to:

  • The fantastic members of the teams that spent many hours every week over the last year cleaning, sorting and packing books. These teams led by Judy Bartlett and Chris Mackay and including Bill, Barbara, Anne, Agatha, Diana, Doreen, and Janet operated on Wednesday and Friday mornings and were responsible for the high quality of the books offered.
  • Sue Allen, Fran and Donna and their helpers in the Coffee Shop.
  • Those who donated the delicious food for the Coffee Shop.
  • The welcome team led by Jennifer Pratten who collected the entry donations and handed out information.
  • Don Puttick, Jenny Gregory and Mark Sheen on the Checkout.
  • Chris Mackay who managed Hall 1 and all her helpers.
  • Bill and Linda, the stalwarts in Hall 2, and all their helpers.
  • Pat, Diana and Elspeth who managed the children’s area.
  • Judy B, Anne and Agatha who managed the Anne Murray Room
  • Anne Slaney for researching and preparing the collectable books for the President’s Table.
  • Nerida Foster who managed the container so efficiently and Kevin who looked after the storeroom for much of the year and Allan who took care of the rubbish daily.
  • Tony, Mark and Simon who picked up and returned the tables.
  • The men who installed the roadside signs.
  • The Marist students and their teacher Peter Hawes who helped pack up.
  • Sarah Cumpston who has helped at every Book Fair, but unfortunately for us is getting married and leaving Canberra soon.
  • Justine Burke of Luton Weston Creek and Molonglo Valley, who printed the posters.
  • The members who helped set up, fill tables during the event and pack up.
  • Ann Baker and the WOWs (Watercolours on Wednesdays group) for the beautiful cards, bookmarks and display of paintings.
  • The family of members who ‘voluntold’ or were cajoled into helping.
  • Polly for all her assistance.
  • Judy Henderson for the publicity and co-ordination.
  • Paul McGlew for strong guidance and the heavy lifting.
  • Margaret Bourke for her vision in founding the event and her continued help and support.
  • Activity groups for putting up with the disruption just before and after the event.
  • The generous community that donated books, and
  • Last but not least all who came and bought the books, DVDs and paintings.

The Vegie Garden

Thanks to all those willing workers who built the wonderful vegepods. There some herbs and vegies planted. Feel free to take some leaves for your dinner. Polly has bags for you to carry your produce home. More will be planted shortly.

The gardeners meet most Fridays and plan to work on the remainder of the club surrounds. If interested in helping please leave your name with Polly.

New Bus Timetables

The new bus timetable books for each area are available from the library, you just have to ask. Polly has a copy for reference only.

Bridge Classes – all levels

Classes for all levels have resumed after a short break, every Monday at 1.30 pm.

The Woden Experiment

If you have noticed the “Woden Experiment” – in the square at Woden, we have been asked to tell you that any groups who wish to use this space, may take up the opportunity to do this.

Possible activities could be:

  • Craft workshops
  • Fitness, choir, dance demonstrations

If any members or groups at the club are interested please contact Polly and she will give you the relevant details. Otherwise just enjoy the space to meet and chat.

Expression of interest – Carpet Bowls

We are going to restart Carpet Bowls in the Club after the floor in Hall 2 has been repaired, date and time to be confirmed. Let Polly know if you are interested in playing and we will keep you informed.

Justice of the Peace

Maureen is taking sometime off during colder months. If you need a Justice of the Peace please go to the police station

SPIRAL PROGRAM – meets at the Uniting Church, Curtin

Spiral meets at the Uniting Church in Gillies Street, Curtin on Thursday mornings. Please arrive at or before 10.00. Speakers/ performers will commence at 10.10 and most will join us for the morning tea which will follow. A $1 contribution to costs is requested.

August 22 Margaret Wright OAM with the Canberra Recorder Orchestra (U3A)

Margaret has been teaching recorders for most of her adult life. Ignore the bad press, don’t roll your eyes – come along to hear how this flute from the Baroque era has transitioned to the recent world-wide phenomenon of recorder orchestras.

There are ten sizes of recorders, from a tiny garklein to the rare giant deep sub-contra- bass. The Canberra Recorder Orchestra is unique in that all members are seniors, and they play all ten sizes. The sound of the full orchestra will be a pleasant surprise for anyone who has never heard one before.

We are people from varied backgrounds, occupations and origins. Mostly retired, ages range from 60 to 90+and there is no religious nature to our meetings. You are guaranteed a warm welcome. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me, Brett Yeats, on 6281 7684 or at yeatsb. Other contacts are Sue Driscoll on 0418 697 240 or at suedrisc and Angelika Dunker on 6281 4023 or 0491 120 556 or at angelika.dunker@homemail.com.au .