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Fortnightly News 14/4/2023

Issue 07 of 2023     

14 April 2023



.Tuesday 25 April    ANZAC Day.  Club will be closed.


BIG Book Fair

.Wow, wow, wow!!!  The 2023 BIG Book Fair set new records in many areas, not least in the amount of money raised for the Club – $33,000 no less!!

.Book Fair co-ordinator Judy Henderson’s thank you message and wrap up of this year’s fantastic event follows.


.“Book Fair

.We held our eighth BIG Book Fair on the weekend of 31 March to 2 April 2023. It was a resounding success which raised $33,000 for the Club. This was our best result so far.

.The success of such an event depends on the support of a large number of members. The whole Club, as a self-funded organisation, benefits from the Book Fair. The proceeds keep the activity fee low and contribute to building maintenance.



                            Preparation time – fiction section


Special thanks go to:

 The fantastic members of the teams who spent many hours every week over the last year cleaning, sorting, and packing books and other items. These teams led by Anne Slaney, Judy Henderson and Chris Mackay and including Bill, Barbara, Agatha, Maureen, Diana, Evonne, Annie, Cindy, Janet K, Margaret, Janet R , Faye, and Rosemary operated on Monday afternoon and Wednesday and Friday mornings and were responsible for the high quality of the books offered.
 Richard Game who managed the car park again and his helpers Peter Kahler and Bill Tutty.
 The welcome team led by Jennifer Pratten who collected the entry donations and handed out information.
 Catherine Masters who did the bookkeeping.
 Don Puttick, Jenny Gregory, Viola, Ann Baker, and Julia W and their helpers on the checkouts.
 Chris Mackay who managed Hall 1 and all her helpers.
 Mark Sheen and Agatha who looked after the jigsaws, DVDs, and CDs etc. in the veranda.
 Diana, Bill, and Judy, who managed Hall 2, and all their helpers.
 Sue, Annie, and Saana who managed the children’s area and all their helpers.
 Anne Slaney who managed the President’s Table and Better Books and was responsible for researching and preparing the collectable books for the President’s Table.
 Nerida Foster and Doug Wilkinson who managed the storage container and storeroom so efficiently throughout the year.
 Tony and the team who unpacked and returned the tables and bread trays.
 Don and Ron who installed the roadside signs.
 The Marist students and their teacher Nicholas Weir who helped pack up.
 The Canberra College students who helped with setting up and packing up.
 The Stromlo High students who helped in the Children’s area and with the signs.
 The members and their friends who helped set up, fill tables during the event and pack up.
 Ann Baker and the WOWs (Watercolours on Wednesdays group) for the beautiful cards, bookmarks, and display of paintings.
 The catering team who donated the food for the volunteers.
 Polly for all her incredible assistance. No task was ever too much trouble.
 Ron Stewart who managed the building and surrounds throughout the Book Fair.
 Sandra Gray for the publicity.
 Judy Henderson for the overall organisation and co-ordination.
 Activity groups for putting up with the disruption before and after the event.
 Justine Burke of Luton Weston Creek and Molonglo Valley for printing the posters.
 The Weston Creek Uniting Church for the loan of tables.
 James Gourley of NewBeach Co for the poster design.
 The generous community that donated books, and
 Last but not least all who came and bought the books, jigsaws, games, CDs, DVDs, and paintings.



                                     Opening day queue


During the last year we have made a number of community contacts that have resulted in many benefits for those concerned. We donate surplus books to the Braidwood Book Fair; we assist the Toora women’s refuges with donations of activity books for children; we donated many boxes of left over children’s books to the schools in Lismore affected by flooding. This year left over children’s books will be donated to the Forbes Primary School, which was devasted by flooding earlier this year, and to the Samoan appeal. In addition, the assistance and co-operation of the Murrumbidgee/Canberra Rotary Club has been invaluable. They organised the transport of the books to Lismore at no cost to us, they operated a sausage sizzle and organised a coffee van at this year’s Book Fair and will organise transport of the children’s books to Forbes.

The Book Fair Committee will be having a review meeting in the coming weeks so think about how you would like to be more involved or anything that would help to make the 2024 Book Fair even better and let us know.”


Thanks for that Judy, I heartily endorse all your comments and on behalf of all the Club members thank you for leading the team in delivering our most successful Book Fair yet.


BBQ and coffee                                                                                            Children’s section – ready to go!



.A bit of further good news… the repairs to the floor in Hall 1 will be completed by the end of today,  Friday 14th.  It was a great relief that we were able to be assured that there appears to be no further underlying issue and that the problem had been caused by humid air (thanks to all that rain) which caused some swelling of some of the individual wooden parquetry strips.


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Thanks Margaret Wright for this gem from the Forbes Advocate


Jenny Gregory

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Thanks Peter Golack for this reprise….  Feel free to sing along!

Gilbert & Sullivan Revisited

           I am the very model of a Russian Major General

My standing in the battlefield is growing quite untenable

My forces, though equipped and given orders unequivocal

Did not expect the fight to be remotely this reciprocal

I used to have a tank brigade but now I have lost several

My fresh assaults are faltering with battleplans extemporal

I can’t recover vehicles but farmers in a tractor can

It’s all becoming rather reminiscent of Afghanistan

My ordnance is the best but only half my missiles make it there

I would have thought by now that we would be controllers of the air

But at the rate the snipers work my time here is ephemeral

I am the very model of a Russian Major General