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50 years of providing Community Service to the over-50s of Canberra


Fortnightly News 12/4/2013

News UpdateMorning Tea with Alan Foskett 

Woden Seniors and the Woden Community Service are running a collaborative program of talks each month commencing on Thursday May 2 at 10.00 am.

We have well known historian and author, Alan Foskett coming to speak about the life and times of Canberra as we celebrate 100 years. Morning tea will be available from 10.00 am – 12.00 pm.

Another 100k walk to raise funds for the Garden Project at Woden Seniors

Elizabeth Halfnights, Sue Allen and some others from the T’ai Chi group are walking the 100 kilometres from Wangaratta to Bright along the rail trail in North Eastern Victoria. The purpose of the walk, apart from having a good time is to raise funds to make-over the garden on the southern and western sides of the club.

The walk will take place from Tuesday 23rd April to Sunday 27th April along the clear formed trails based on the old railway line from Wangaratta to Bright and includes a spur to Beechworth. Some days the group will walk up to 18 k’s and others will be almost rest days with only 10 -15 k’s.!!!

Details of the walk are posted in the club for anyone who is interested. You can support the group by sponsoring them. Forms are available from Polly at the front office.

The new gardens will include raised beds at the western end of Hall 2 and also on the southern end from the corner to the first door. We are hoping to grow greens and herbs, which will be available to members and for use in the soup kitchen.

We are planning to plant low, hardy native shrubs for the west facing garden and also to replace the sleepers around the Anne Murray room so that they are firmly fixed and we can then improve the soil in those beds to make a greater show of flowers there.

Return of The Soup Kitchen 

The soup kitchen returns on Wednesday 15 May and runs on each Wednesday and Thursday through to Thursday 15 August. Soup with bread will be available for lunch in the Club and also available to take home. We are looking for people to help by making soup, supplying vegetables or other ingredients for soup making and we hope to be able to offer homemade bread again this year.

Please let Polly know if you are able to help, she will have a form you can complete with days you can help or a column for ingredients you may be able to offer.

Tip for the Week 

If you are looking for some interesting, and free, reading, try the Web journal The Conversation – http://theconversation.com/au . This is an on-line journal, sponsored by a number of Australian Universities, where academics write, in terms the general public can understand, on topics ranging from health to politics.