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Fortnightly News 7/8/2015


The Second BIG Book Fair is here and it is running all weekend. In addition to books there is a cake stall tomorrow, Saturday morning and some very beautiful pieces made by the Beading Group for sale.

As a member of Woden Seniors you can help to get the message out by:

· Inviting your friends and family to come to the Fair;

· Posting the dates and times of the Second BIG Book Fair on your Facebook page. You can post it as a public event.

The Magic Tin Party

You are invited to celebrate and thank Elizabeth Halfnights for her many years of teaching Tai Chi in the Club and to wish her well in retirement.

When: 1pm to 4pm, Thursday 27 August 2015

Where: Woden Seniors Club

What: An opportunity to share memories, spend time with Elizabeth, enjoy a (short) Tai Chi session, and to eat, drink and be merry.

It’s the Magic Tin Party because it is the final opportunity to make a contribution to the Magic Tin, an Elizabeth initiative which has been dear to her heart for many years and which has provided some much needed financial support to a range of charitable organisations and projects.

Elizabeth is of course adamant that she doesn’t want a gift, so we ask that those attending bring a donation to give the Magic Tin a mighty send off.

Please RSVP to Sue 0412 044 449 or Jenny 0419 497 218

Social Ball Room Dancing

Social Ball Room classes are on Mondays from 1pm – 3pm, and there is a practice session on Friday afternoon from 2pm – 4pm. We have around a dozen people dancing each week but we could use a few more women.

The Club has received an ACT Government grant to help develop a cohort of people that are interested in learning to dance and/or teach and participate in a regular social dance activity within the Club. The grant will be used to fund the services of a professional dance instructor to both teach specific dances and to train people within the cohort how to teach those basic dance steps. The dances may comprise Slow Movement, Rhumba, Cha Cha, rock and roll or Jive and Waltz. It is envisaged that this instructional activity will run from mid-July through to November 2015. It would then be up to the group to take the activity forward.

Spiral Program Update

Spiral meet at 10am to mid day each Thursday morning for a cuppa and a talk at St James Uniting Church, Curtin.

13 August barb barnett

Barb returns to tell us about Repertory’s next production, Gaslight which runs from 31 July to 15 August.

20 August Julie Devlin and Helga White

Julie Devlin (Customer Care Officer) and Helga White (Executive Manager of Services) are from DUO, an organisation which provides personal care and home support helping people to stay independent and to extend freedom to live how and where you choose.

27 August The Heartbeats

Return of the always popular David, Jim, Robin and Margaret at the piano with a wide range of fun music and song.

For more information, please contact Gwenyth George on 6286 5004, Sue Murray on 6281 6974 or Brett Yeats on 6281 7684 or at yeatsb.